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St. Albert Raiders 

Policy and Process


Affiliation Policy

Players may be affiliated with other teams as per Hockey Alberta Bylaws and Regulations.
Coaches will work with the Division Managers to submit Affiliation Forms to the President for approval and registration with Hockey Alberta before the affiliation deadlines.

Conduct Management Policy

We feel that the fundamental goal of the game is for participants to have fun in a safe
and healthy setting. It is evident that playing the game, whether as a player, coach,
official, or spectator, is more fun when all participants act cooperatively and with the
players' best interests in mind.

The Conduct Management Policy assists administrators in implementing standards for
investigating complaints, and distributing sanctions and discipline for conduct-related issues.

Maltreatment, Bullying & Harassment

Participants in the St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club should have the reasonable expectation that it will be in an environment that is accessible, inclusive and free from all forms of Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment.

Social Media Policy

The purpose of the Social Media Policy is to ensure that making posts or comments on
any social media site whether it is public or private will be held to the same standard of
conduct. This Policy is governed by the principles of the player, parent, and coach codes
of conduct.

Coach Selection Policy and Process

The coach selection policy aims to provide a fair, transparent, and consistent selection of coaches from a set of coach candidates. Our goal is to identify coaches that best exemplify the goals, values and strategic objectives of the St. Albert Raiders program and St. Albert Minor Hockey Association.

Equipment Policy

Coming soon.

Player Acceleration

There may be times when an individual player significantly exceeds the skill level of their age group and are also superior in skill and ability to the next division. In rare circumstances like this, it may be beneficial to the player and the AAA/AA program to accelerate this player to the next division.

Team Finances

Playing hockey at this level is a significant financial commitment for families. These policies are intended to be fair and transparent.

The association recognizes Treasurers and Mangers are placed in a position of trust. As such, individuals appointed to these positions shall accept the responsibility for operating within Association policies, and the accounting for their actions.

Code of Conduct

The Association Code of Conduct(s) identify the standard of behaviour which is expected of
all St. Albert Minor Hockey Association members and participants, including
but not limited to players, coaches, team officials, parents, guardians, and volunteers in the Raiders program.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

The St. Albert Raiders recognize that fundraising and sponsorship offset hockey costs and make elite hockey more accessible to our members. 

Registration and Tryout Process

Players in the St. Albert Raiders are registered members of St. Albert Minor Hockey Association. The St. Albert Raiders is committed to a fair and transparent evaluation and selection process. This policy is indented to provide players and coaches with a framework to evaluate, release, and select players.

Travel Policy

The St. Albert Raiders have established policies to guide teams as it relates to travel. The policies are intended to minimize one-on-one interactions and reduce the risk of abuse or misconduct. Adherence to these travel policies will increase player safety and improve the player’s experience while keeping travel a fun and enjoyable experience.

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