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The coach selection policy aims to provide a fair, transparent, and consistent selection of coaches from a set of coach candidates. Our goal is to identify coaches that best exemplify the goals, values and strategic objectives of the St. Albert Raiders program and St. Albert Minor Hockey Association. 


The St. Albert Raiders program coach selection process is based on established coach qualification criteria. Coach candidates are evaluated relative to the qualification criteria, and the best candidate will be selected.



The Coach Selection Committee is responsible for selecting the best candidates for the position.

The Committee consists of the following members:


  1. VP of Raiders Hockey (chair)

  2. Executive Director

  3. One Raiders Committee member

  4. Two or three members of the hockey community with a background in hockey, preferably not members of the Association


All committee members must disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest and sign a Confidentially Agreement. Any member of the Committee with a family member trying out for, or applying to coach in a specific division, is not eligible to participate in the selection process for that division.   


In the event of a conflict, the committee member shall remove themselves, and the committee will select an alternate eligible representative from within the Committee.


The VP of Raiders will:


  1. Ensure coach interviews consist of a minimum of three eligible committee members to support the interview and selection process.

  2. Forward selected candidates to the Raiders Hockey Committee for consideration.

  3. Ensure the selection process is conducted with integrity and transparency.


Coach Selection Committee’s Authority

All selections must be presented to the St. Albert Raiders Committee for approval. In addition, all selections must be ratified by the Association President. If any selected coach is not ratified, that position shall be declared vacant, and the Coach Selection Committee shall resume efforts to fill that position.


The St. Albert Raiders Committee reserves the right to approve coach selections without an interview if supported by the Coach Selection Committee.




  • In coordination with the Executive Director, the Coach Selection Committee shall post to the website outlining the positions available and the application deadline.


  • All potential coach candidates must complete the St. Albert Raiders Coach Application Form (online). Candidates should identify the position and division they are applying to coach.


  • All applications will be submitted to the Coach Selection Committee to be considered for a coaching position(s).

  • The Coach Selection Committee will select candidates for personal interviews.


  • If, in the opinion of the Committee, suitable candidates are not available for any one or more positions, these positions shall be left vacant until a suitable candidate is found.


  • In most cases, the selection of all St. Albert Raiders Head Coach positions should be completed before May 15th.

Coach Selection Interviews

The Coach Selection Committee will conduct interviews with candidate coaches to establish a better sense of candidate qualifications and suitability in the following areas:

• Coaching philosophy and style

• Teamwork and collaboration

• Communication plan

• Player/Goalie Development 

• Leadership

• Adaptability


The Coach Selection Committee will determine the need for an interview in consideration of certain circumstances, such as:


  1. Multiple coach candidates have applied, and the qualifications are too closely matched to make a straightforward decision.

  2. The coaching candidate is new to the program.

  3. There have been concerns raised concerning a Coach candidate's past experiences with the Association


Coach Evaluations

Completed coaching evaluation forms from previous seasons will be made available to the Selection Committee to assist in their decisions.


Some qualification criteria are deemed mandatory and comprise the minimum qualifications for a coach at that level and division as set by Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada. Others contribute to the overall rating of the coach candidate.


An applicant not meeting the minimum qualifications must commit to completing the required courses before any applicable deadlines set by Hockey Alberta, Hockey Canada, or St. Albert Minor Hockey Association.


It is expected that all information submitted on the Coach Application Form is factual and can be supported by evidence if requested. Additionally, applicants must disclose any prior criminal charges or criminal convictions. Failure to disclose these will result in immediate disqualification from the application process or removal from their position if already approved. 

St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Policy (minimum standard):

A Head Coach or an Assistant Coach is only eligible if:

  1. They are a member in good standing

  2. They can demonstrate that they have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) prior to the start of seasonal activities

  3. They have completed the minimum coaching qualifications required by Hockey Alberta prior to the November 15th deadline

  4. They have been approved by the Coach Selection Committee


Parent-Coach Applications  

The Coach Selection Committee shall endeavour to select Coaches who do not have a player on the team that they apply to coach. If the Committee has cause to believe that a parent-coach is the best candidate for the position, the Committee will have the prerogative to endorse a parent-coach for the position.


If the Committee endorses a parent-coach, they must engage with third-party evaluators and prior coaches to ensure the candidate’s player demonstrates a sufficient ability to participate at that level. The third-party evaluator must have no prior relationship with the coaching applicant or player.  All available resources should be utilized to determine the player's ability to participate at that level.


If the coach's player is a returning player, the use of a third-party evaluator process is at the committee's discretion. 


Board/Committee Member Applications

The Coach Selection Committee shall endeavour to select coaches that do not hold a position on the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors or the St. Albert Raiders Committee. If the Committee has cause to believe the Board or Committee member is the best candidate for the position, the Committee will have the prerogative to endorse this applicant for the position.


If a Head Coach holds a position on the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors or St. Albert Raiders Committee, the coach will abstain from voting or participating in discussions and issues specifically pertaining to their team or that present a conflict of interest.



All coaching selections will be posted on the website ( with the posting date clearly defined. The process for protesting the selection of a coach must meet the following requirements:

1. The VP of Raiders must receive a written letter describing the basis for the dispute within 10 days of the official posting of the disputed coach being selected. Such disputes must not be arbitrary and shall contain new information not previously considered by the Coach Selection Committee.


2. The VP of Raiders, at least two additional Raiders Committee members, and the SAMHA Admin VP shall review the dispute's merits and whether there are sufficient grounds to change the decision.

3. The Committee may ask for further information from any other person, including the person who filed the dispute.


4. Once a decision has been made, the Raiders VP shall respond with a follow-up email to the originator of the dispute confirming a final decision.


5. All dispute decisions will be final and not subject to appeal.




The Raiders Committee will host an orientation session to:


  1. Introduce Raiders Hockey program values.  

  2. Review expectations of coaches.

  3. Highlight policies and procedures.

  4. Review and acknowledge the Code of Conduct.

  5. Coaches may be required to attend training sessions to ensure program standards are being met.




Head coaches will select their team staff with the approval of the VP of Raiders. If required, the Coach Selection Committee may conduct interviews with Assistant Coaches. The Coach Selection Committee and/or Raiders Hockey Committee reserves the right to recommend or refuse an individual's inclusion in any team staff role based on previous coaching, evaluations, or other transgressions, including those related to fair play or behaviour issues.




  • The Coach Selection Committee will appoint an interim coach if a Head Coach steps away from the role mid-season or is removed.

  • The VP of Raiders has the authority to suspend a Head Coach or Assistant Coach if they determine that there is immediate harm to players. A subsequent full investigation will be conducted, and St. Albert Minor Hockey Association Discipline Committee will determine the disciplinary action. This could include suspension, educational requirements, or permanent removal. 

  • Should a Head Coach or Assistant Coach violate the Coach's Code of Conduct, the Raiders Committee will utilize the Conduct Management Policy to investigate and establish the coach's status within the program.

  • The Committee will take steps to find a suitable candidate within 30 days.

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