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All Hockey Canada programs and divisions are intended to focus on the overall quality of the hockey experience. Each age division has pre-defined goals and recommended focus areas of development. As a player moves through each age division, skills and knowledge learned in the earlier division are built upon in a systematic manner. 


There may be times when an individual player significantly exceeds the skill level of their age group and are also superior in skill and ability to the next division. In rare circumstances like this, it may be beneficial to the player and the AAA/AA program to accelerate this player to the next division.  


To minimize the administrative effort that would be involved in evaluating multiple applications every year. Applications will only be accepted for players meeting the following criteria:  

1. The player is entering the final year of the top level in the playing division. 

2. Must evaluate in the top third of skaters by position, i.e. The player must evaluate as a top three forward, top two defensemen, or the top goaltender by the Head Coach to make the team in question.  


All steps in the process must be followed, or the player will be considered ineligible: 


• The player must register in their appropriate age category. 


• Parents/Guardians must apply in writing to the St. Albert Raiders VP and Division Manager before May 1st using the Underage Application.


• The application must be accompanied by a letter of reference from the previous year’s coach in support of the tryout. If the former coach is a parent/guardian, the letter must come from the Division Manager and another coach in the division.  


• If approved by the Raiders Hockey Committee, the player will be invited to be evaluated in the higher division and be assessed by the standards of that division. 


• Where the above criteria or process steps are not met, the player will move back and grade with their appropriate age division. 



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