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Purpose: To outline the expectations of St. Alber Raiders teams regarding Sponsorship and Fundraising. The St. Albert Raiders recognize that fundraising and sponsorship offset hockey costs and make elite hockey more accessible to our members.  



St. Albert Raiders Program Fundraising  


The St. Albert Raiders Program hosts one fundraising event each season, the John Reid Memorial Tournament. All members of the St. Albert Raiders are expected to support, promote and participate in this fundraising initiative. Participation requirements are outlined at the start of each season.   


Team Fundraising  


General Regulations:   


1. All activities shall be in good taste and appropriate to the image of the team and the St. Albert Raiders and St. Albert Minor Hockey Assocation.    


2. Teams should be sensitive to the fact that they are one team within a larger community of sports programs within the City of St. Albert.  

3. Fundraising should comply with the rules and licenses outlined by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Certain activities, such as raffles, require approval and licensing by the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC). It is the responsibility of the individuals obtaining such authorization to ensure that all requirements are met.  


4. All fundraising must follow Hockey Alberta or Hockey Canada guidelines (link)  

5. No team shall be involved in a fundraiser which involves the sale or consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana, or other substances not approved by the Association unless the Association (SAMHA- Executive Committee) has provided approval.   

6. The St. Albert Minor Hockey Association will not be held responsible for any losses or liabilities incurred by any team due to its fundraising activities.  





The St. Albert Raiders will support the development of strong relationships with members of the business community that align with the core values and objectives of the program.   


Sponsorship refers to a corporation or person supporting the team financially.   


1. Sponsorship must not exceed 60% of the total team budget. For example, if the total budget is $60,000 in expenses, sponsorship must not exceed $36,000. 

2. Upon approval, a team can add sponsor logos to the St. Albert Raiders website.   

3. Teams may add a sponsorship bar to their home or away jerseys using the approved format. The cost of this is the responsibility of the team. The Raiders Equipment Manager must approve all jersey modifications.   

4. Sponsor's names cannot appear on any team wear, including jackets, hockey bags or clothing.  

5. St. Albert Minor Hockey Assocation does not hold charitable status, so it cannot provide receipts. Individual teams can provide a receipt if requested.  


Team Finances  


All fundraising activity must be documented, collected, disbursed, and recorded in the approved team budget.  


Any refunds to parents or players are not to exceed the amount of funds contributed to the team by the individual parent or player. Excess fundraising will be returned to St. Albert Raiders at the end of the playing year.  


Non-compliance could result in but is not limited to, the suspension of the Head Coach or Manager.   

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