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Players may be affiliated with other teams as per Hockey Alberta Bylaws and Regulations.

Head Coaches will work with Division Managers to submit Affiliation Forms to the President for approval within the defined deadlines.

Hockey Alberta AA Affiliation Policy 

Hockey Alberta AAA Affiliation Policy 

Hockey Alberta Elite Female Affiliation Policy 

Use of Affiliates

  • The goal of affiliation is to allow players to compete and develop at a higher level while providing the higher-level team with a player to fill their roster for practices and games. 

  • Disagreements in participation in the affiliation process will be escalated to the Division Manager for a final decision.

  • A player may be affiliated with only one team, as per Hockey Alberta. 

Affiliation Process

  1. If a team is drafted, affiliate players are identified by the Head Coach and Division Manager in the draft process.

  2. All other affiliations are selected by the affiliating team's Head Coach before October 15th. 

  3. The Raiders program must finalize affiliate selections prior to October 15th.

  4. On exception, the affiliation will be approved after October 15th and up to January 15th of the current hockey season.

  5. As per Hockey Alberta policy, affiliations must be accepted and endorsed by the President.

  6. Players are formally added to Teams in the Hockey Canada Registry and identified as "Affiliates."

  7. All affiliations terminate at the end of the current hockey season.


Important: Any Player participating in any game as an Affiliated Player without proper approval or registration in the Hockey Canada Registry on the said team as an “affiliate” shall be considered ineligible, and player and team officials are subject to discipline in accordance with Hockey Alberta Minor Regulations.

Affiliation Outside Division 

  • If properly filed, U11-aged players may be affiliated with the U13 division with full affiliation privileges (games & practices). 

  • Players can be affiliated from U13 to U15  (body contact) with the written approval of the parent(s) of the player and support from the player's Head Coach.

  • It is important that all attempts are made to fill the open roster position with affiliated players from the same division before teams consider drawing affiliates from a lower division.

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