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Playing hockey at this level is a significant financial commitment for families. These policies are intended to be fair and transparent.  The Association recognizes that team Treasurers and Managers are placed in a position of trust. As such, individuals appointed to these positions shall accept the responsibility for operating within Association policies and accounting for their actions.  


Team Finances  

Using the Raider Manager/Treasurer Handbook, the Manager should prepare a budget for the year that must be shared with the parent group prior to the start of the season. 


A copy of the budget must be submitted to the Raiders VP and Division Manager before October 15th, and a final concluding budget before April 30th. Final budget submissions must include a copy of the team bank account statement detailing the transactions. Failure to submit the budget on the defined due date will result in a $500 fine to the team.  


Team Treasurers and Managers are expected to: 


(A) Prepare an initial team budget 

(B) Share the budget with parents a minimum of twice throughout the season 

(C) Establish an official team account at a financial institution and deposit all monies collected into this account 

(D) Ensure there are two individuals named on the bank account. No personal accounts are allowed. If using etransfer the account must have outgoing double verification (CWB/ATB)  

(D) Keep records up-to-date at all times 


Team Budget & Team Fees 

Team finances are to be transparent to parents. Any parent or team member who requests to review the team’s financials is to be provided, without question, within three business days of making the request, full access to the team’s financial records, including original bank statements and records, original expense receipts and any other related financial items of the team’s financial operation. It is recommended that teams consider using a shared drive to store records and make this drive accessible to parents.  


All budgets must not exceed the maximum threshold set by the Assocation annually. This amount is included in the player registration package and communicated to parents at the start of the tryout process. 

It is recommended that team fees are collected using etransfers, if necessary, cheques can be accepted. Under no circumstance is cash accepted as payment.  


If there is a change that impacts the initial budget by more the 10%, teams are required to submit a revised budget and supporting detail to the Division Manager and VP of Raiders.  


Manager and Treasurer  


  • The team Manager or Treasurer must not be an immediate family member of the Head  Coach.

  • The Team Manager and Treasurer must not be from the same family.  

  • AAA and AA Managers are not paid positions.  


Team Fees - Irregularities  

All families are required to pay Team Fees as outlined in a schedule provided by the Manager or Treasurer. In cases of hardship, an application may be made through St. Albert Minor Hockey Assocation for relief. Non-payment for any other reason is not acceptable, and the matter will be referred to the VP of Raiders and may result in a suspension from the team for the player involved. All team fees must be paid prior to January 15th.  


If a player has a season-ending injury, a family move, or moves to a higher level unexpectedly, their fees should be pro-rated to the point at which the unexpected resignation from the team took place. 


If a player voluntarily quits the team, their fees for the entire year are still payable and they are not eligible for a refund.  


No player with outstanding fees from a prior year will be permitted to try out for a team in the current season without clearing the payable amount. 


At the end of the hockey season, any excess funds must be returned to the parents.  

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