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Raiders Program Summary

Updated: 4 days ago

The St. Albert Raiders elite hockey program provides a unique opportunity to Step Forward and become part of a passionate hockey community with a rich legacy. Feel the sense of pride and identity that comes with being part of the Raiders program and representing your community.

Players enrolled in the U13 Raiders program can anticipate receiving a high calibre of coaching and a dedicated effort to enhance their skills. While individual experiences may vary across teams, the program maintains consistent standards to ensure a minimum commitment toward achieving our objectives.


U13 AA


Team fees vary from season to season; last season, the average team fee per player in U13 AA was $2000. Due to the league structure, additional travel costs are associated with U13 AAA, and team fees will be finalized before the start of the tryout process.

Our goal is to ensure that financial barriers do not hinder players from finding success in all our hockey programs.


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