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U18 AA

Each year, the St. Albert Raiders Committee evaluates our program to optimize resources and meet the needs of our members.

A review of the U18 program revealed the impact of significant changes that have been implemented over the past three years:

  • The introduction of U17 AAA; which altered the development pathway in U18 competitive stream hockey.

  • Contraction requests from Hockey Edmonton (KC, MLAC, SSAC, CAC) at the U18 AAA and U18 AA; which changed the competitive balance within the league. 

  • Introduction of competing leagues

We aimed to evaluate the impact of these changes and implement adjustments to benefit the program as a whole.


On April 15th, we submitted a request to Hockey Alberta and the AA Committee to reduce the U18 AA program from two teams to one team. This request was based on an analysis of our enrollment numbers and the impact of maintaining two AA teams on the competitive balance of the entire U18 program.

This request has not been approved by Hockey Alberta. 

However, we currently do not have the required number of players enrolled in the Raiders tryout process to support two U18 AA teams. We will reassess this number on July 9th and speak with Hockey Alberta to make a final determination.

Additional Information

Hockey Alberta

  • Hockey Alberta aims to enroll 10% of eligible players in AA hockey.

  • Last season, the St. Albert Raiders had 19% of eligible players in AA hockey.

  • Parkland Athletic Club, Sherwood Park Kings, and the Sturgeon Sting had a combined average of 8% of players in U18 AA, each hosting one U18 AA team.

  • Hockey Edmonton hosts four U18 AA teams, comprising 7% of their eligible players.

St. Albert Raiders

A disproportionately high number of players in the U18 program participate in AAA and AA hockey. To support the ongoing development of our players in the Raiders program over the next three years, we aim to change the distribution of players in competitive stream hockey (AAA/AA) by:

  • Increase the number of AAA and AA opportunities for players in U11 and U13

  • Maintain 25%-30% of players in AAA and AA U15 program

  • Align our U18 to 20%-25% of eligible players in AAA and AA programs.


Percentage of registered players in the Raiders program:

  • U11: 13.89%

  • U13: 12.3%

  • U15: 29.30%

  • U18: 47.26%

Should you have any questions about this process or the above information, please contact Craig Strain, Jane Sedo or Conor Salisbury. 


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