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The St. Albert Raiders elite hockey program offers a unique opportunity to step forward and join a passionate hockey community with a rich legacy.

Player Selection

The Head Coach is responsible for all player selections. As the start of the season approaches, we will share more details about this process, including selection criteria from the Head Coach.

Players born in 2011 and 2010 who reside permanently within the defined boundary are eligible to tryout for the St. Albert Raiders U15 AAA and AA programs.

In the 2024 - 2025 season, the St. Albert Raiders U15 program will host four teams. The AAA team will have a 20-player roster, and the three U15 AA teams will have 17 players each.

The St. Albert Raiders is committed to a fair and transparent evaluation and selection process. 

U15 Critical Dates


AAA/AA Goalie Evaluations

August 24

AAA Tryouts Start

August 25

AAA 1st Player Release 

August 25

AAA 2nd Player Release 

August 28

AAA 3rd Player Release

September 1

AAA Pre-season Tournament

September 7 - 11

U15 AAA (20) Roster  

September 12th 


AA Tryouts Start  

August 27

AA 1st Player Release

September 2

AA 2nd Player Release

September 4

AA Draft 

September 6

AA Pre-season Tournament

September 12 -18

U15 AA (17) Roster

September 19

A combined minimum of three skates is guaranteed for all registered players.



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