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Changes in hockey.

The SAMHA Board of Directors, Raiders Hockey Committee and Association staff support the dialogue that is taking place in the media, within our membership and across the country about how hockey can evolve. Our game is truly great, but we must acknowledge that significant changes need to occur for hockey to remain a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Hockey Canada The executive leadership within Hockey Canada has a tremendous influence and responsibility to uphold their stated Mission to lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences. Any individual or group responsible for the governance and delivery of hockey in Canada; should be held to the high standard of conduct that many Canadians are currently expressing. We are optimistic that the change in leadership within Hockey Canada will align with these standards of conduct and bring about meaningful change.

Hockey Alberta St. Albert Minor Hockey Association trusts that our provincial Branch, Hockey Alberta, is engaging with Hockey Canada in a meaningful way to ask questions, influence change, promote accountability, and address the challenges within hockey culture. We have shared our perspective on these topics with Hockey Alberta and continue to work with them to support change.

St. Albert Minor Hockey Association 2021-2022 COMMITMENTS Last season, we committed to undertaking four different initiatives to support a positive culture in hockey:

  1. Online access to the incident reporting form - completed

  2. Coach acknowledgement of Bullying, Harassment, and Maltreatment policy- completed

  3. Improved access to learning opportunities for coaches - completed

  4. Review of policies and processes, including an update to the code of conduct - completed.

2022-2023 COMMITMENTS To support a continuation of the work we have already done, the SAMHA Board of Directors identified four initiatives to help support our objective to promote a positive culture in hockey.

  1. A new requirement for all SAMHA and Raiders coaches is to complete an additional coach education course, "Making Ethical Decisions". This course must be completed before the start of the 2023 season.

  2. SAMHA Board has committed to taking the Responsible Coach Movement Pledge.

  3. SAMHA is committed to forming an independent Discipline Committee to review all Major Incidents of Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment reported to SAMHA or the Raiders.

  4. Commitment to form an Athlete Advisory Committee in the SAMHA and Raiders programs this season. This is intended to create a dialogue with our players as we make decisions about the program moving forward.

SAMHA continues to advocate for improved resources, including a streamlined incident reporting process and access to educational assets for players, coaches and parents from Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada. We remain focused on hockey operations and collectively have a renewed focus to evolve our programs, but we have work to do. We appreciate your support and encourage you to become involved, ask questions and learn more.

Don't hesitate to contact a member of our Executive if you want more information or have questions. Thank you!

Melissa Nollski - President

Craig Strain - Raider VP


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