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Players born in 2011 and 2012 who reside within the boundary defined by Hockey Alberta are eligible to tryout for the St. Albert Raiders U13 AA female program. This program has one team, the Bolts. The Head Coach of this team is Derek MacMillan. St. Albert Raiders is committed to a fair and transparent evaluation and selection process.


Player Selection Criteria - Provided by the Head Coach 


Join Head Coach Derek MacMillan on the ice for five 1-hour sessions. Whether you are striving to make the team, looking to enhance your skills for the upcoming season, or simply seeking an opportunity to skate before the start of the season, our Pre-Tryout Camps are the ideal place to start. Please note that this camp will include female players from all streams of hockey in the U11 and U13 divisions. 

August 21,22,23,24,25

6:30 - 7:30 PM​



U13 AA Female Program 


  • There are 16 U13 Female AA teams throughout the province.

  • A minimum of 15 players (14 skaters + 1 goaltender) will be rostered to this team.

  • The league is split into two divisions, North & South; there is no crossover play between divisions, only at Provincials.

  • 20-28 games in a season

  • 90-minute game slot

  • Tournament format playoffs that lead to Provincials

  • The program will have the Hockey Alberta recommended 60 hours of practice ice



  • No team can attend more than two (2) tournaments that require overnight accommodation without the approval of the Division Manager and the Raiders VP.

  • All Raiders teams are permitted to attend one out-of-province or one international tournament each season.


The team fees will no exceed $2500 per player. Players are required to pay a program registration fee and a tryout fee. 

Raiders Female Program Manager

Gerry Sanderson

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